Have you or someone you know been a victim of ghosting? Do you spend hours of the day trying to figure out if he misunderstood your sarcasm? Having sleepless nights wondering was there too many “y’s” in your “heyyyy” text message? Was the emoji game too strong?

Never underestimate the power of an emoji.

If the answer is yes, then you my friend, have been a victim of ‘ghosting’–and we’re not talking friendly Casper, the ghost.


For those who are currently stuck in the year 2003, ghosting is a term used when you’re “talking” (aka texting someone) and all of a sudden they stop responding to your messages.


Do you hear that Gary*? This one’s for you!

Ghosting has become a norm for this generation to tell their significant other that they no longer want to be in a relationship, move forward with the relationship, or even attempt to start one.

Also known as ‘avoidance’, ghosting is being used as a gateway to end all of your relationship problems! Hooray! It’s the “adult” version of saying: La la la la la, I can’t hear you!


So mature.

I mean why would you put yourself in the position of HAVING to text–because we would never in a billion years even think of doing this in person— your date ‘thanks for the drinks last night but I rather watch paint dry than go out with you again‘ if you can just ignore them?

Pretend it never happened 2018.

It is so easy to stalk your crush online and send a ‘daring’ message like “looking good” or use 3-5 emojis to “express” how you’re feeling but when it comes to doing the opposite, we simply freeze and no actions are taken.


Social media already gives us the advantage of doing things we wouldn’t necessarily do in real life. So shouldn’t texting someone ‘hey I don’t like you‘ easy for people? Just be normal and type it out, press send, and throw your phone across the room while covering your head with a blanket.

Now that’s adulting!

When did ghosting even become a thing? And why can’t we grown adults, yes I like to put myself under the grown adult category, be real with someone and stop the non-sense of ghosting?

I dunno, ask a real adult.

Confrontation. No one likes to put themselves in that awkward situation when it comes to dealing with ‘disappointing’ people. This can lead to anxiety and stress, fear of being too harsh, not knowing the right things to say or even how to bring it up. These types of conversation is avoided to suppress fear.

Yes, having fear and anxiety over a tough conversation is a real thing, because guess what, I too hate to confront people and rather ignore the situation for at least 2 years, but for my sake and personal growth it’s something that needs to be addressed and done.

Taking the easy way out will not help you in any way. Expressing your feelings towards a situation can only help you have better relationships with other people, regardless if it’s your significant other, friends, coworkers, or random guy on the subway.

Unfortunately for this generation, we tend to rely too much on technology, social media, and any trend that has become a ‘norm’. Ignoring someone and “ghosting” them to end a relationship shouldn’t be the ‘norm’.

Own up to your feelings and face the consequences–because in life you can’t ignore things and hope they disappear.




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